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Mileage Logbook is an automatic mileage tracker that frees you from the headache of manually keeping the mileage logs.

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Mileage Tracker

About us

Mileage Logbook is a product of Hus Software trading name of Hus Software Development and Consulting Limited registered in England and Wales with Company Number 10375802 and VAT Registration 290956368.

The company founded in Manchester United Kingdom in 2016 to deliver stunning mobile products for small business owners, startups and larger corporations. We have very strict values about the way that we work. Quality, timeliness, and communication are our top-tier concerns on every project. We want our job to make us proud. We believe, “beautiful design is driven by unwavering passion and purpose”.

With this approach we started Mileage Logbook in 2019 to free drivers from the headache of manually keeping their mileage logs. We knew that the idea wasn't new but we also knew that the app was going to simplify business mileage tax deduction like never before.

Mileage Logbook is now one of the top 5 ranking mileage tracker apps in the Apple Store. But how did it happen? The answer is the combination of these three aspects: the market, user feedback and the product itself. We will keep improving and adding new features to the app so please reach out at any time with feedback or questions.