Auto Mileage Tracker

Mileage Logbook is an automatic mileage tracker that frees you from the headache of manually keeping mileage logs.

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Mileage Tracker

Multiple tracking modes

Mileage Logbook is a mileage tracking app that uses GPS signals to automatically track your vehicle's movement from one location to another. Once you turn on the ignition, the app starts recording your mileage and stops when you reach your destination. The app offers three tracking options: Auto Motion & Fitness, Auto Bluetooth, or Manual Recording, to auto-generate your Australian Taxation Office (ATO) compliant mileage reports.

Drive hassle-free and let the app do the heavy lifting. Whether automatic or manual, it's easy to log trips.

Drive smart with Mileage Logbook!

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When you complete a trip, classifying it as either business or personal is just a single swipe away, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our users.

Classifying your trips

Upon completing a journey, users can easily classify it by performing a left swipe for business purposes or a right swipe for personal trip.

We understand that you might have frequently visited locations like home, work, or other important places. Mileage Logbook supports the use of custom locations, allowing you to add specific addresses. Once you park your vehicle at one of the pre-defined locations, the app will automatically classify the journey for you. In addition to custom locations, the app takes into account your working hours. Trips that fall within your defined working hours are automatically categorized as business-related.

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